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There is not enough money for food, as food prices have risen significantly.
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Alkalinization of the body

Alkalinization of the body - this is the first stage Complete body cleansing programs.
The task of this stage is to make the blood more fluid, it has a higher oxygen content, which is the best condition for the functioning of enzymes and hormones in the human body.
Alkaline blood will improve the quality of lymph and our intercellular fluid will turn from a gel to a sol (into a more fluid substance).

Alkalinization of the body
What you need to do for this:

1. Bring the water regime back to normal - 30 ml of water per 1 kg of human weight.

Juices, sugary drinks, coffee, tea, soup, etc. are not included in this volume.
It is necessary to come to this volume gradually and at the first stage - try to replace various drinks with clean water.

2. Introduce into the body a set of essential alkaline minerals:

Now Foods, Liquid Chlorophyll - take 1 teaspoon (5 ml) daily with 240 ml of water or juice.

21st Century, Coral Calcium, 1000 mg - take four (4) capsules daily, or as directed by a healthcare practitioner. Do not exceed the recommended dosage.

If you do not have kidney problems, your blood pressure is normal, there is no edema, you drink enough water - you take both Liquid Chlorophyll and Corral Calcium. This is the best variant.
If there are these problems, then first we take liquid Chlorophyll, and from the second month we also add Corral Calcium.
Ideally, alternate drug intake.

The duration of the alkalization stage of the body is up to 2 months.

Without this stage, as well as without observing the drinking regime (see above), there is no point in cleaning the body. After all, the biggest burden during cleaning falls on the kidneys.

A huge amount of toxins released during the cleaning process of the body enters the bloodstream, then is filtered by the kidneys. First of all, however, the toxins must dissolve, and without enough water in the body, this is simply not possible.

It is also important to change your diet already at the stage of alkalinization of the body.

We recommend that you read the article Harmful foods.

It is necessary to be guided by the basic principles of the correct choice of foodstuffs - there is food that either has not undergone any processing at all during production, or has been subjected to a small extent.

Alkalinization of the body is impossible if you are a lover of fast food, semi-finished products, oversweetened and salted foods, as well as those to which various dyes, preservatives, and flavor enhancers have been generously added.
The substances used in the manufacture of these products increase the toxic burden on the body.

The human body is alkaline in terms of the state of internal environments and acid-forming in function. The diet of a modern person contains more foods that lead to serious acidification (acidosis). Such a condition is fraught with the presence of a constant oxygen deficiency, the development of various chronic diseases up to oncology.

Back in 1939, Otto Warburg was awarded the Nobel Prize for his proof that cancer cells multiply in oxygen. Acidification does not allow immune cells to fully perform their functions, reduces the activity of enzymes, slows down metabolic processes, etc.

A vivid and easy-to-understand example: if you drink a glass of Coca-Cola or other similar sweet carbonated drink, the body becomes acidic to such an extent that after, to restore the acid-base balance, a person needs to drink about 36 glasses of pure water !

Acidic foods include: any protein products (meat, poultry, fish, seafood, legumes), ALL flour (including rye flour products), ALL sweet, all carbonated drinks, juices, teas (except herbal).

Alkaline foods include: vegetables (any cabbage, beets, cucumbers, turnips, zucchini, pumpkin, carrots, herbs), cereals, some fruits (pears, watermelon, raspberries, avocado, lemon).

For people who have never dealt with their health and prevention, we recommend during the first year to build their diet so that 70% of the foods are alkaline and 30% acidic (protein only).
After a year, you can go to a ratio of 50% to 50% by adding to the protein, for example, wholemeal rye unleavened bread.

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