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War in Ukraine. My children and granddaughters were evacuated to the west.
I am staying in Kyiv. I am a pensioner.
There is not enough money for food, as food prices have risen significantly.
Please help as much as you can.

Harmful foods

Harmful foods are foods that are rich in various colors, preservatives, flavor enhancers, dough leavening agents, etc.
The substances used in the manufacture of these products significantly increase the toxic load on the human body.

Foods that should be completely eliminated from the diet:
Sausages (boiled and smoked), ham, vacuum-packed meats, sausages and sausages, semi-finished products (cutlets, fish sticks), dumplings, pies, stew, fish (cold and hot smoked), crab sticks, ketchup, mayonnaise, refined oils , margarines, butter less than 82% fat, processed cheese, all pickled (vinegar-containing) foods, canned corn, all store-bought juices, bottled iced teas and energy drinks, custard teas in bags and pyramids, sugary sodas, carbonated waters, instant coffee, lightly salted herring (mother, with different sauces), chips, crackers, peanuts, salted pistachios, imported jams, glazed curd cakes.

Harmful foods
Yoghurts with pieces of fruit and jams with a shelf life of more than 14 days, sour cream, kefir and milk with a shelf life of more than 7 days, salads and other dishes made in supermarkets, seasonings and sauces in cubes and bags for first and second courses containing monosodium glutamate or yeast extracts, yeast bread, beer.

If you consume the above products, alkalinization of the body, as the first stage of cleansing the body, it will not work. It will be a waste of money and time. Why deceive yourself?

Do you want to gain health, or is it just "fashionable"? Like "I also do health ...".

Foods that should be significantly limited in the diet:

Harmful foods Pork, offal (liver, stomachs, hearts, etc.), white flour products containing margarine and yeast (drying, gingerbread, muffins, cookies, cakes and pastries), dried fruits (especially beautiful in appearance), ice cream, milk chocolate, brewed coffee, imported fruits and vegetables (especially potatoes, grapes and bell peppers), milk, canned homemade products, strong salted herring, wine, cognac and other spirits.

All harmful products from this list were somehow "fined": they either contain preservatives and flavor enhancers (meat, fish semi-finished products, sausages, sausages), most often monosodium glutamate, or GMO components (canned corn, food products using GMO -soy, phytoestrogens), or vinegar.

Absolutely all of them are rich in salt, sugar, citric acid, modified starch, and "unhealthy" technologies (trans fats, refined oils) are used in their production.

Let's consider some harmful products in more detail.

Peanuts are literally stuffed with molds and are a strong allergen (peanuts can be replaced with cashews, almonds, walnuts and Brazil nuts).

Processed cheese with various flavors - bacon, mushrooms, etc. - and without them, it was created, frankly, from production wastes, often from moldy remains of hard cheeses.

Meat and fish semi-finished products (stew, dumplings, cutlets, steaks, pates, pancakes with meat and hearts, fish sticks, etc.), as well as sausages and sausages are popular in an age of high speeds and time pressure ... However, most domestic manufacturers do not care about the quality of their products, but about saving money spent on their production. Therefore, the recipe is often violated, low-quality and spoiled meat is used, fat and vegetable protein (soy), starches, gelling agents, as well as various dyes and preservatives are added, which, unfortunately, are only partially removed from the body.

Ham, especially vacuum packed meats, is a real "bomb": with a minimum of meat, it is mainly water, salt, gelling agents, flavor enhancers and a colony of predatory mushrooms.

Harmful foods The main problems of fast food are low-quality oil, which undergoes endless boiling, and a huge amount of antioxidants, thanks to which the products live "forever".

Nutritionists blame these foods for their high calories, fat, carbohydrates and salt.
There is everything that leads to dull hair, acne, acne, not to mention indigestion, the development of atherosclerosis, cellulite and hypertension.

Crab sticks - if you are lost in the forest and in your backpack there is nothing but crab sticks, do not die of hunger. In other situations, it is categorically impossible. Moreover, to feed them to children. This food product contains up to a dozen different E-preservatives, many of which are the strongest allergens, oncostimulants, and a lot of modified starch.

Hot and cold smoked fish in production conditions, no one smokes on fire for a long time. It is much cheaper to use special chemicals for these purposes, the so-called smoking solutions, and essentially a mixture for the early emergence of oncology.

Packaged juices contain a huge amount of citric acid: the longer the shelf life, the more of this preservative in the composition. Citric acid (E-330) is not an officially recognized preservative, therefore all products containing citric acid and no other preservatives are called "natural".
E-330 in large quantities threatens the health of the kidneys, especially children. Regular consumption of such juices, as well as all products containing this preservative, can result in damage to the renal membrane, the appearance of salts in the urine and stimulate kidney stones.

In general, instant coffee acts more aggressively than natural coffee on the heart, gastrointestinal tract, especially the pancreas, as well as the kidneys and other organs and systems. The reason is that in the production of instant coffee, synthetic components are used, frank chemistry, including heavy metals. The exception is organic instant coffee, it is produced completely without synthetics and chemistry.

Of course, Arabica trees are also sprayed with chemicals and fertilized to protect them from disease and increase yields, but the amount of harmful substances in coffee beans is negligible - most remain in the foliage and pulp of the coffee berry. If you do drink coffee, buy only natural, whole grains. True, flavored natural coffee can contain harmful and even dangerous substances: often to give coffee the smell of cream, liqueur, etc. use synthetic flavors, since natural ones are significantly more expensive.
Caffeine that enters the body with natural coffee is excreted within 2-4 hours. The same dose of caffeine from instant coffee is neutralized in about 10 hours, although the invigorating effect disappears after 2-3 hours (on average). Therefore, overdose is more likely with regular consumption of instant coffee throughout the day.
Another negative consequence of instant coffee, especially decaffeinated coffee, is that it promotes the deposition of kidney stones. In medical science, there are already suspicions that such coffee has a carcinogenic effect on the body.
Remember that a cup of coffee, even custard, flushes out the daily dose of calcium from the body, so do not get carried away with this hot drink.

Carbonated sweet drinks - enough has been said and written about their dangers. As well as practical applications in the technical field: for washing some of these drinks off the blood from the asphalt after car accidents to cleaning car engines, toilets and sinks. We are always amazed by the courage and thoughtlessness of mothers who, in the heat, instead of clean water, give their child sweet soda or sweet cold bottled tea. Such drinks not only do not quench thirst, but also very seriously dehydrate the body.

Regular store-bought energy drinks contain 70 to 500 mg of artificial caffeine, high amounts of sugar, causing a quick burst of energy and a surge in performance, followed by an equally rapid and dramatic breakdown.

Is there a safe alternative to regular store-bought energy drinks? Luckily for us, yes.

Pay attention to natural tonic additives.

The more men drink beer, the more women are surprised: "Where are the real men?" And this joke is just a fraction of a joke. Beer in huge quantities contains plant analogues of female sex hormones - the so-called phytoestrogens. As a result, there is a feminization of men, both at the physiological and psychological levels. But the choice is, of course, yours.

An excess of phytoestrogens has a catastrophic effect on women's health, especially after 30 years, when the production of another female hormone, progesterone, decreases for natural reasons. As a result, premenstrual syndrome (PMS) appears or intensifies, due to hormonal imbalance, diseases of the female organs (mastopathy, fibroids, etc.) can develop, which are dangerous for malignant transformation.

We continue the topic of harmful products.

Croutons are expensive to salt, so a harmful flavor enhancer - monosodium glutamate is added to them (it is better to dry the crackers at home, in your own oven from yeast-free bread).

Chips is a mixture of carbohydrates and fat, coated with colorants and flavor substitutes. Potato chips, fried nuts and other crunchy treats contain a substance that can cause mutations in the hereditary material and has a pronounced carcinogenic effect (acrylamide).

Thermophilic yeast, which is a part of almost any yeast baked goods and bread made in a production environment, supply yeast to the body. Such yeast is not susceptible to the temperature of our body (it does not inhibit their growth and reproduction) and hydrochloric acid in the stomach; they actively reproduce; enhance the processes of putrefaction and fermentation in the intestines, inflammatory processes on the mucous membrane of the entire gastrointestinal tract, reducing local immunity; cause or intensify dysbiosis.

These fungi are the "best friends" of the fungi of the genus Candida, and therefore, if you are a fan of dryers, crackers for tea, rolls and pies, you will not be able to fundamentally solve the candidiasis issue.

If a person drinks beer, eats pastries and bread with yeast, eats a lot of cheeses, sweets, potatoes, bananas and grapes, his intestine is a "colander" through the holes of which many undigested food pieces, toxic substances, pathogenic microbes and parasites.
Over time, food allergies appear, high blood pressure, and most importantly, the body's defenses are catastrophically weakened.

If you want to extend your life, buy only yeast-free rye bread (in the composition - rye flour, salt, water) or yeast-free Armenian lavash (thin).
You can bake bread at home yourself, using special yeast-free starter cultures (malt, hop).

It is advisable to make sweet and flour by yourself: cookies, cakes, pastries, sweets, muesli bars.

Imported and domestic jams of unrealistically beautiful color and strong aroma should also not get into your baskets (probably, it is already clear why).

Store-bought mayonnaise contains vinegar and low quality refined oils. Vinegar has a devastating effect on the pancreas, embalming it and blocking the secretion of enzymes for digesting food. Mayonnaise in plastic packaging is especially dangerous: vinegar releases carcinogenic substances (formaldehydes) from plastic.

The same goes for other sauces in plastic bags.

When choosing tomato sauce, carefully read the ingredients on the package.

Most of the ketchups on our store shelves contain an impressive amount of various preservatives, modified starch, synthetic food additives, salt and huge amounts of sugar. The hidden sugars in these types of foods are a big problem for those involved in weight loss. Of course, they must be excluded. It is best to prepare the tomato sauce yourself.

Particular attention should be paid to the problem of an excess of unhealthy fats in the diet of a modern person.
Every year, more and more products containing synthetic oils appear on store shelves. In recent years, the synthesis of artificial fats has been developed and introduced into production. The enzyme lipase secreted by the pancreas is not able to break down these artificial compounds, so they do not penetrate the intestinal cells and are not absorbed by the body. An example of such a fat is "Olestra", which is synthesized from oleic acid obtained from vegetable oil.

A person eats a so-called dietary product, losing, along with undigested fat, the fat-soluble vitamins that enter the body with great difficulty.

Another unhealthy food and another problem for the health of a modern person is hydrogenated fats, or trans fats (TIGA trans isomers of fatty acids).
These are liquid vegetable oils, which, as a result of a special hydrogenation process, acquire a solid consistency and can be easily mixed with animal fats. In their pure form, they are used in the production of confectionery, baked goods, fillings for sweets, chocolate glaze, curd curd masses.

Almost any "quick meal" is generously flavored with trans fats. Low cost and lack of specific taste and smell determine their widespread use.

These oils contain components that are familiar to our cells (if, for example, they were mixed with butter), but in such a combination that does not allow them to go through the full cycle of chemical transformations in the body. That is, once inside the cell, trans fats globally disrupt normal metabolic processes. Consequently, cells can neither fully accept nutrients, nor release accumulated toxins. The cell ages faster, mutates, or dies.

In addition, the body, not realizing that it has just been "fed", takes a time-out and deposits this incomprehensible substance in the depot. To our general regret, he does it with great pleasure. Therefore, a person who is not prone to overeating, but who cannot deny himself three chocolates and a couple of confectionery products a day, may gain excess weight, which will be very difficult to get rid of with the help of dietary restrictions.

Let us remind you that butter on your table should have no less fat content than 82.5%.

Dear healthy lifestyle activists, read the labels of chocolates, confectionery and, of course, bread, these products should not contain margarine and hydrogenated oils.!

Refined vegetable oils in the diet are also outright evil, no matter what the media say in their defense. Basically, we are talking about sunflower oil.
These are highly refined oils containing omega-6 fats. In many countries, it has been actively consuming unscented refined sunflower oils for more than 20 years, and the process of "rejuvenation" of atherosclerosis is only gaining momentum.

A logical question: where does atherosclerosis come from if there is not a drop of cholesterol in these oils?
Answer: An excess of omega-6 fats in the diet causes a chronic inflammatory process in the vascular wall. This is the main trigger in the development of not only atherosclerosis, but joint diseases, metabolic disorders. It is clear that excess occurs where there is a deficiency, in this case a deficiency of other fatty acids - omega-3 and omega-9.

Their deficiency will be filled with natural, high-quality California Gold Nutrition, Omega-3, Premium Fish Oil, 100 Fish Gelatin Softgels.

In addition, refined oils impair the quality of bile, promote the formation of gallstones, and form carcinogenic substances when heated. So cheese cakes and cutlets, which have been cooked for decades in refined sunflower oil, provoke the development of chronic pancreatitis, cholecystitis and oncology in the upper gastrointestinal tract, stomach, pancreas, and duodenum.

The products from the second list need to be significantly limited.

Pork is hard to digest meat for our digestive system. Even the leanest pork is a fatty food.

The liver of any animal does the same job as in the human body, i.e. neutralizes all toxic substances entering the body, contains metabolites of antibiotics, growth hormones, etc. You eat all THIS, do you need it?

ard cheeses. Many people, giving up sausages, "change" to cheeses. It is useful to eat no more than 50 g of cheese per day. Always buy cheeses with a fat content of no more than 17% and always in a separate piece, cut off from a whole head of cheese, never in slices or a ready-made piece in cling film: most often this way stores "get rid" of moldy cheese. Have more white cheeses in your diet.

There have already been enough programs on television about how "evergreen" imported fruits and vegetables are processed for better preservation, therefore we will not dwell on this moment in detail.
All fruits and vegetables must be washed thoroughly before eating. If a fruit or vegetable is moldy on one side, or you see only one speck of mold, you should never eat such a product. Molds have already grown into the entire pulp of a vegetable or fruit.
They will sprout in you with the same joy.

Ice cream aggressively affects the pancreas, and according to statistics, the majority of our population has some degree of deterioration in the functions of this a very important organ of the digestive and endocrine system. If you buy ice cream, give preference to sorbet - fruit puree (Italian ice cream) based on berries or fruits, as well as ice cream that does not contain vegetable fats (hydrogenated oils and palm oil).

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