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Coral calcium

21st Century, Coral Calcium Real Okinawan Coral Calcium
- Eco-friendly
- More than 72 trace elements
- Balanced Source of Calcium and Magnesium Plus Vitamin D for Bone Health
- Laboratory tests - guaranteed quality

21st Century Eco-Friendly Coral Calcium has the ideal 2:1 calcium to magnesium ratio for proper bone support and healthy heart, nerve and muscle function.

No living coral was harmed in the 21st Century collection of sustainable coral calcium.

- Coral calcium prevents the leaching of calcium from the bones, restores the normal structure of bone and cartilage tissue, prevents the appearance of osteoarthritis and osteoporosis

- Coral calcium is a source of calcium, magnesium and other trace elements

- Coral calcium effectively regulates acid-base balance, lowers the overall level of acidity in the body

21st Century offers Coral Calcium, a dietary supplement, which is an excellent bioavailable source of calcium. It is a natural product that is obtained from crushed corals, accumulations of the smallest living microorganisms, hydrozones, living in clear ocean water. And, as you know, microelements processed by microorganisms are easily absorbed by our body.

It is impossible to overestimate the role of calcium in the life of the human body. Suffice it to say that its deficiency can cause more than a hundred diseases.

It's not enough to eat foods rich in calcium, it still needs to be absorbed! For this, it is necessary to convert calcium into an ionic form. This transformation occurs in the stomach as a result of exposure to hydrochloric acid, with a decrease in the production of which calcium absorption is impaired with age. Therefore, with age, chronic calcium deficiency develops, which is manifested by fatigue, early aging, diseases of the cardiovascular system and respiratory system.

However, in this case, the normal content of calcium is determined in the blood, since there is an active movement of it from bones to tissues. Therefore, doctors often recommend limiting the intake of foods containing calcium, and this further exacerbates the process.

This constant "leaching" of calcium from the bones leads to the development of osteoporosis. Calcium is also actively excreted from the body during strenuous physical work. Calcium performs many other functions, being an important element of the body's buffer system, which maintains the pH at the level necessary for each system.

Most of our body's environments are alkaline. Therefore, if we do not take fresh vegetables, fruits, etc., the work of various enzymes and metabolism in the body as a whole is disrupted. The body, trying to correct this situation, begins to actively take calcium from the bones, which leads to their fragility and fragility.

21st Century Coral Calcium Powder very quickly inactivates organic and inorganic chlorine, heavy metal salts and organic toxins. The natural pH of the Coral Calcium solution is 10-11. Therefore, it significantly enhances the body's buffer systems that maintain the acid-base balance.

Directions: Take four (4) capsules daily, or as directed by a healthcare practitioner. Do not exceed the recommended dosage.

Store in a cool dry place.

Buy 21st Century, Coral Calcium, 1000 mg, 120 Capsules

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For beauty!
Nails got stronger just instantly! They used to break down regularly, but after a week they became so strong that they grow and do not require additional protection at all!

Approved by a good osteopath.
The osteopath prescribed this calcium to the mother-in-law. She is pleased.

Bioavailable source of calcium, magnesium and other trace elements in an easily digestible form
Coral Calcium is a natural preparation derived from corals native to the Sea of ​​Japan. It also contains many valuable trace elements in an easily digestible form. The use of Coral Calcium can help avoid a number of health problems. The main benefit lies in the normalization of acid-base balance and calcium levels. This, in turn, will help prevent or halt the development of arthritis, helping to restore the structure of cartilage and bone tissue. In addition, Coral Calcium will help cleanse the liver, kidneys and digestive system. It will also help protect against diseases of the heart, blood vessels and digestive organs.

The nails became smooth and beautiful. Like. You need to look that the composition also contains vitamin D and magnesium, therefore, if you take a complex of vitamins in addition to it, you need to adjust the dosage. I drink at night, magnesium relaxes me.

As I start drinking this calcium, the sensitivity of the teeth disappears immediately !!! The nails are getting stronger. In addition, cramps of the calf muscles suffered, which disappeared while taking this calcium.

Great for joint recovery and especially for post-menopausal women
By taking this along with the silica complex, I got rid of all the joint pain I had before and after menopause. I enjoy reviewing all of my purchases to help people make wise choices.

Calcium Daily Value + D3
I was attracted by the fact that the calcium in this preparation uses natural, natural. The daily serving of calcium is supplemented with magnesium as well as vitamin D3, which aids in calcium absorption.