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Christopher's Original Formulas, Pancreas Formula

Christopher's Original Formulas, Pancreas Formula, 460 mg, 100 Vegetarian Caps - Reduces inflammatory processes in the digestive system, significantly reduces pain

- Strengthens the secretion of digestive enzymes, improves the digestion of food in the gastrointestinal tract

- Increases the protective properties of the body

Our pancreas is an amazing gland in the abdominal cavity that produces insulin and helps our body break down food.

When our pancreas is healthy, it self-regulates and works day and night for life.

A healthy pancreas is able to produce the right chemicals at the right time in the right amounts to properly digest the food we eat.

Today, the average diet lacks many essential nutrients needed to maintain normal immunity, blood sugar, digestion, and glandular function. Lack of a sensible, healthy diet can damage the pancreas and lead to many health problems.

Christopher's Original Formulas, Pancreas Formula helps the pancreas control blood sugar levels, improves digestion and maintains glandular health.

Synergistic Herbal Blend for Pancreas:

- picking wild cedar berries
- organic Uva ursi leaf
- organic licorice root
- wild mullein leaves
- cayenne pepper (40 MHU)
- the root of the wild-growing Canadian yellowroot

Directions: Take 2 capsules three times daily or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.

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I take this product with Dr. Christopher's liver & gallbladder, one capsule a day before meals, I have already eaten 1.5 cans. I have had chronic cholecystitis since childhood and this greatly affects my health, especially with age. My nails have been breaking for a long time and cannot grow back. Now my nails have grown better than in my youth. I have been very cold since childhood, my hands and feet are cold even in summer. Now I noticed that they became warmer, I was very surprised. I began to freeze less in air-conditioned rooms and this makes me very happy. I will continue to take these wonderful capsules.

Sweet Regulator
With this dietary supplement, my desire to eat sweets disappears.

Very great help for the pancreas
Supports the pancreas very well! Together with the diet, it gives just the perfect effect! Even if without a diet, the pain in the pancreas is gone!

Quite a working drug
After taking two jars according to the instructions, the feeling of heaviness and dull pain in the left hypochondrium disappeared. There is a feeling that the pancreas began to feel better, and the constant thoughts about what was happening there in the left side disappeared. It is very likely that the mixture of herbs and berries in the composition of the drug really relieves inflammation and improves the function of the pancreas.

There is an effect!
After 3 days, the pancreas began to hurt less !! It seems that I was beginning to have chronic pancreatitis: I reacted sharply to sweet and starchy foods. As soon as I started drinking, I felt the effect! And I drink one capsule before meals, and not even before every meal. And it still works.

Good Supplement for Pancreas
After reading the positive reviews, I decided to try this supplement, especially since the brand is very serious. I have problems with the pancreas, chronic pancreatitis. After drinking one can, the pancreas stopped bothering me. Although in the reviews it was written for the course 2 cans need to be drunk, but one was enough for me. So for prevention, you can drink it periodically, I think there will be no harm.

I am very satisfied, wonderful product!
I am very satisfied, wonderful product! For a long time, there were pulling pains in the upper abdomen on the left, especially after fried or wine. Ultrasound showed changes in the pancreas, diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis. Together with the diet, these capsules removed any discomfort from me in two weeks, so I can safely recommend it! There were no side effects - no allergies, nothing like that. But it is imperative to remove from your diet all things harmful to the pancreas in any case, since otherwise nothing will help. Good health and happy shopping to all!

Pancreas on vacation
I take this drug in courses of two bottles once a quarter. After two weeks of taking, there is a feeling that the gland is very happy and enjoying its condition. Digestion is debugged, the feeling of a stone in the left hypochondrium disappears. Probably, organics in the complex take on some functions and give the gland the opportunity to rest and recover. Unconditionally working drug!

Good Supplement
I am writing a review after a month of taking this supplement, I have chronic pancreatitis. I drank a course of two cans, morning dinner in the evening, 30 minutes before eating, I followed the diet, but not strict. Did an ultrasound of the abdominal cavity, the condition of the pancreas improved.

Good remedy
I bought it for my husband during an exacerbation of pancreatitis. He did not want to drink this, but decided, because the standard treatment did not work. The effect was soft and gradual. He finishes the first jar (two capsules for breakfast, lunch and dinner), there is one more for the full course. The pains have become much less, practically gone. Food is digested. Drinks himself, even without reminders. So they work))).

The drug really helps, the pain in the pancreas decreased, I took 2 jars for a month, as indicated in the instructions. According to the test results, there are also significant improvements, urine amylase decreased by 2 times. Thanks to the manufacturer for this drug.

The endocrinologist advised me. After a course of admission, I saw a significant improvement. The pain in the pancreas ceased, after eating the signs of severity and swelling disappeared. One thing, 1 package is not enough for the course of admission. But the effectiveness is visible after a few tricks.

Finding for the pancreas
I ordered my sister to support the pancreas (pancreatitis was diagnosed). What she just didn’t try - our domestic armor-piercing pills urgently helped, but it’s dangerous to get hooked on them. This is the first remedy that completely satisfied her - it works exactly, the pancreas is just happy, the owner does not bother. After an exacerbation of the disease, my sister drank 2 jars of these capsules with a course, now she hasn't been drinking for a month, but she ordered her for a reserve. The composition is wonderful - herbal, completely natural, did not cause any side effects. Recommended.

Very effective drug
I have chronic pancreatitis, a couple of months ago there was an exacerbation, after which I decided to try these capsules. I drink half as much as prescribed in the package. Pain in the region of the pancreas and gallbladder disappeared almost immediately. Recently I did an ultrasound, the clinical picture has improved a lot.

Nice complex
A good complex for maintaining the pancreas. Problems with the pancreas began due to gallstones. After the operation to remove the gallbladder, of course it became much easier. But as you know, the tissue of the pancreas is not restored, and it is a vital organ in our body! I drink it at least once a year in order to support and not aggravate the condition of the pancreas. The results are unambiguous, the severity and discomfort go away, the stool is restored. Those who have problems with the pancreas are required to purchase! Take care of yourself and monitor your health, it may not be returned (

Pills objectively help, and you don't have to wait long. It's a pity that the cans are missing for a while.

herb for pancreas
Stirred pancreatitis with freshly squeezed orange juice in the morning on an empty stomach. I had to start taking pancreatin and switch to porridge, but it didn't help much. I ordered 2 jars of these herbs to last for a month, and, lo and behold, the first jar was somewhere in the middle, but gradually the pancreas calmed down without any pancreatin. I try to drink according to the instructions, but sometimes instead of 3 times a day I drink 2 capsules 2 times a day. Thanks for the great tool and feedback! I also ordered selenium, it also relieves inflammation of the pancreas and is necessary for its health (The daily requirement for selenium is 70-75 mcg. The recommended therapeutic dosage is 200-400 mcg. The daily and even therapeutic amount of selenium is easiest to get from several Brazil nuts or dates, but with exacerbation of pancreatitis, this cannot be eaten). Also, for the health of the pancreas, chromium, zinc, sulfur, manganese are needed.

I bought these capsules for interest, along with choleretic, lay and waited in the wings. And the hour came when pancreatitis worsened and the pains in the left side became very strong. That's when I started drinking according to the manufacturer's scheme: 2 capsules * 3 times a day strictly 1 hour before meals (sometimes it happened a few hours before meals, but I always kept the interval so that the effect of the capsules would not overlap with digestion). After a few days, the pain subsided, and after a week everything was completely normalized. Of course, all week I followed a diet: no coffee, no fatty foods, no nuts, fruits, dried fruits. But nevertheless, I believe that the pills helped. I will take the package to the spring course, because jokes are bad with the pancreas, you need to take care of yourself and carry out prevention, keep a diet.

This formula put my body in order in a matter of days, despite the fact that I took capsules instead of two, one three times a day! Christopher's Original Formulas - you are magicians!

A feast for the pancreas
Very gently, gradually these capsules soothed my pancreas. At first I didn't even believe how much I had drunk! But it works, it really works! I want to take a closer look at Christopher's products.

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