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War in Ukraine. My children and granddaughters were evacuated to the west.
I am staying in Kyiv. I am a pensioner.
There is not enough money for food, as food prices have risen significantly.
Please help as much as you can.

Now Foods, Cascara Sagrada

Now Foods, Cascara Sagrada - Removes toxins from the body
- Ensures stool regularity
- Normalizes the functioning of the digestive system
- The absence of GMOs is confirmed by the Non-GMO Project certificate
- Quality confirmed by Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

There has long been a widespread opinion that the human body is like a "through pipe", into which "it enters from one end and exits from the other." However, in practice, this judgment does not stand up to criticism. Improper and inappropriate nutrition can not only ruin the figure, but it is also quite capable of stealing 20-30 years of life from us.

One of the most common consequences of a disturbance in the work of the intestines is such an unpleasant phenomenon as constipation, from which more than half of middle-aged and older people suffer. The famous surgeon from France André Lamour testifies: "We can confidently say that the main reason for 90% of serious diseases from which humanity suffers is nothing more than constipation and retention of fecal masses, which clog the intestines."

And it should be noted that in many cases this opinion is completely correct. And this is where the excellent supplement Cascara Sagrada comes to the rescue.

The bark of the joster has long been called "sacred" by the Indians. It is one of the best remedies for chronic constipation, one of the most effective herbal laxatives. Joster bark reduces fermentation and putrefactive processes in the human intestine, has a disinfectant, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.

Buckthorn (Cascara Sagrada) also removes worms and parasites. Restores the tone of a relaxed intestine. Zhoster perfectly stimulates the secretion of the entire digestive system and intestinal motility. The laxative effect of the use of the bark of the joster is manifested after 8-10 hours after taking the drug.

The drug is also indicated for varicose veins and high blood pressure, as well as for diseases of the liver and gallbladder, stones in the gallbladder, hemorrhoids, anal fissures, it helps well with insomnia.

Usage: 1 capsule at bedtime with a full glass of water.

Contraindications: not recommended for pregnant and lactating women, with diarrhea, abdominal pain, and individual intolerance to the product. It is recommended to consult a doctor before use.

Do not exceed the recommended dosage. For short term use only; it is not allowed to take this drug continuously for more than 1 week.

Buy Now Foods, Cascara Sagrada, 450 mg, 100 Veg Capsules

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A good mild laxative.

Very cool!!!
Does his job perfectly.

Excellent remedy
Very good for constipation.

A reliable tool. There are times when the body fails. Take 1 or 2 capsules in the evening. And in the morning everything is all right.

It works gently and without spasms, you can take two capsules at once, but this is after a big feast.

Favorite laxative
I love this dietary supplement, from time to time, when I feel that I am no longer comfortable, I take it at night, in the morning or for lunch, there is a mild relief.

Super Detox
Relieves constipation, relieves stools, cleanses.

Super Cleansing
Cascara is just a miracle. Cleans the intestines, normalizes peristalsis. You can forget about constipation. You just need to take it carefully, do not overdo it. The drug works 100%. I personally take one, and sometimes only half the capsule, because, as I mentioned, peristalsis becomes very active.

Great product
Mom has been using it for many years, there is no addiction, it acts stably and gently.

Excellent Remedy
This is not the first time I order, I am very pleased with the product! Gently cleanses the intestines, without spasms and unexpected urges. I recommend this product!

Cascara is a great remedy
I bought this product, it helps, but you have to keep in mind that it works from 8 to 12 hours, not right away, I drank 2 capsules.

Cool Remedy
Most importantly, there is no pain or bloating after it. You drink at night, and in the morning you go to the toilet. No side effects.

Herbal natural remedy
Remarkably helps with heaviness in the stomach and intestines. We drink after drinking alcohol before bedtime, in the morning there is not a drop of a hangover. For prophylaxis, we drink once every half a year or a year for 2 weeks. The only negative is the smell of the capsules.

I ordered an elderly mother-in-law to improve bowel function. Before that, they bought it at the Coral Club, but it was more expensive there. Ordered here and were pleasantly surprised. The price is lower, and the dosage is the same, with a larger volume. The mother-in-law drinks 1 capsule a day, she says it helps the intestines work well. We will take more.

Works great. The first day worked in the late afternoon. TE almost a day after admission. Saw at night. The first day cleans well. Then everything is calm as it should be. Even the weight dropped.

Everything is very good
A good product. The natural composition does not cause allergies. It copes well with the declared properties.

Bulging stick
I bought this drug for stool correction while traveling abroad, because my gastrointestinal tract does not always react unambiguously to unfamiliar water and food. The drug does not cause any discomfort - for me this is an important criterion! However, the most interesting thing turned out to be that this drug simply works excellently in very, very severe cases of GI tract failure. The fact is that my mother has been suffering from constipation for more than 35 years and the list of drugs she has tried is simply Huge !!!! Most of them are synthetic and involve addiction and great discomfort: my mother was visiting - she invited her to try ... a couple of days later she already asked for the whole jar !!! From the peculiarities of the action, I can say (from the words of my mother): so soft and painless! she did not have a chair with any drug! The gastrointestinal tract works like a clock +)))))))

A mild laxative. Depending on my condition, I take one or two capsules a day. Naturally, if you overdo it, the effect is appropriate, but it is not difficult to adapt to the drug. I buy regularly.

Good drug
A very good drug, I have been using it for many years, the body does not get used to it, there are no unexpected reactions. Enough 1 capsule with warm water before dinner. Recommend!!!

North American buckthorn bark
A large can of an excellent mild laxative. I use 1 capsule at night with a glass of water. The effect appears on the second or third morning, everything happens smoothly, naturally, no wild diarrhea with cramps and pain. According to the manufacturer's recommendation, do not use for more than 7 consecutive days.

My husband had problems with stool, I tried a lot of our products from local pharmacies. Nothing helped. I tried to buy this product and voa-La ... my husband is happy, everything is working out.

Liked the Tool
The intestines must be cleansed daily! If this does not happen, you need to help your body. Analyze and adjust nutrition first. And take this remedy. This remedy was taken several days before bedtime in a capsule with a full glass of water. It is important! This remedy did not cause discomfort, on the contrary, there is a gentle bowel cleansing, the stool is normalized.

Super! 5+
This supplement will keep your intestines working like a clock. And working. I bought it for my mother, she is delighted, although there have always been problems. Now No. 1 dietary supplement instead of any pharmacy products.

How to buy products at a discount