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War in Ukraine. My children and granddaughters were evacuated to the west.
I am staying in Kyiv. I am a pensioner.
There is not enough money for food, as food prices have risen significantly.
Please help as much as you can.

Now Foods, Cranberry with PACs

Now Foods, Cranberry with PACs, 90 Veg Capsules - Regulates water and electrolyte balance in the body

- Has antibiotic properties

- Helps to reduce the inflammatory process in the genitourinary organs

- Prevents the formation of sand and stones in the urinary system

Maintaining proper fluid and electrolyte balance in the human body is vital to looking and feeling your best.
Cranberry with proanthocyanidins removes excess fluid from the body without causing irritation of the genitourinary system, relieves puffiness, improves metabolism, contains bioavailable potassium.

A unique blend Cranberry with proanthocyanidins from Now Foods contains a number of medicinal plants: cranberry juice, bearberry extract, grape seed extract.

Cranberries have become an essential ingredient in promoting urinary tract health. Cranberries contain natural compounds called proanthocyanidins (PACs) that help maintain a clean waste stream. This product helps support healthy urinary tract function with 1,000 mg of cranberries per serving.

Bearberry extract - has a diuretic, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effect. From phenolic glycosides of bearberry - arbutin and methylarbutin, hydroquinone is released under the action of the arbutase enzyme. Excreted in the urine, hydroquinone enhances urination and has an antimicrobial effect. The anti-inflammatory properties of bearberry are due to the high content of tannins.

Grape Seed Extract is a highly concentrated natural extract containing at least 90% polyphenols, including oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs), beneficial water-soluble complex compounds that neutralize free radicals. In their natural form, they are found in grape seeds. Through a variety of studies, it has been found that grape seed extract and OPC can support the health of the cardiovascular system, bones, kidneys, brain, and other body tissues. In addition, they provide a healthy and balanced immune system response to oxidative and metabolic stress.

Take 3 capsules daily.

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Super! Helped Immediately
I ordered it for the first time. I have been suffering with cystitis for about 15 years (((that just didn’t try it. They even did an operation on urinary. After reading the reviews for these dietary supplements, I was really inspired. I think I should try! We came. Everything is packed well. Everything is whole! with the children on the tree and froze. Long live cystitis! I took not even 3 capsules as it is written, but 2. I think, what if the allergy does not work ..., but an hour passed and I began to smile. I went to the toilet with joy! Whoever had cystitis will understand what I mean when you are just afraid of the toilet! In general, the pills are super! I will drink and order more. If only there were no more of these cystitis!

I have suffered from prostatitis for 5 years ... (frequent nighttime urination, etc.)
I had prostatitis for about 5 years. Urinary tract. I suffered greatly from nighttime urination. The effect is really good. The number of times you go to the toilet is less. I took: 1 tablet after breakfast, 1 tablet after lunch, 1 tablet after dinner, 3 tablets a day. Much better than antibiotics.

Very good for age-related bladder disorders
I am an elderly woman, so bladder problems are familiar firsthand. Like winter and autumn, so constant cystitis. I work in a pharmacy, buy any medicine - no problem, what to take - I know, but how much can you?! I decided to take cranberry extract. I took this one, because only he found the added bearberry extract, which is also great. At first I took one capsule at night, one in the morning, after improvement I take only one at night. It helps very well. I also stopped getting up at night to use the toilet, I sleep normally until the morning, of course, maybe it's a coincidence, or maybe it's a bonus)). I hoisted all my friends (also old aunts), but they just started accepting, I'll unsubscribe later.

I definitely recommend it!
I bought it for my mother, 70 years old ... the cystitis is chronic, the parcel came, my mother just started an exacerbation, she took it as soon as the parcel was unpacked, three capsules ... after 40 minutes, she with a smile on her face, sighed with relief, takes on a permanent basis, it definitely works ... 2 capsules a day, as soon as he feels a threat - takes 3 capsules a day + water ... I definitely recommend it!

I can be fine this winter
When it gets cold, we buy. The capsule is large, but that might be good because I haven't had cystitis since I started drinking.

Helps the urinary system
Got this supplement to help my grandmother's urinary system fight infection and it works! No more urinary infection!

Good Drug
Helped to cope with cystitis and E. coli in urine. I will take it constantly.

I drink for prevention and during exacerbations
Chronic cystitis and chronic antibiotic use is a real problem😩. Therefore, cranberries with bearberry are just a godsend for me! No need to eat tons of cranberries washed down with bearberry and hope that will help, a few capsules are enough.

Best cranberry
This is the second time I have taken these vitamins. I like them very much. I reviewed the composition of all the cranberries and also re-read the reviews and settled on these. Purchased cranberries in our pharmacies are fundamentally different from this one. Here you have an acceptable price and quality, even a pleasant smell, in general, this product is worth its money. With chronic cystitis, this is a must-have, and an irreplaceable thing. I will not write about this problem, because almost every third girl has it. They also work very well as soon as you start to get sick - you drink 2 capsules at night, in the morning - you are a cucumber.

A very effective product!!!!
I have urolithiasis, periodically lower back pain, frequent urination, an unpleasant condition in the lower abdomen. After the first capsule, these sensations disappeared !!!! It is better to drink it than urolisan and other medicines.

A good product!
Personally, it helps me to survive seasonal chronic cystitis. Mom also likes the result. We drink less than the recommended dose. We take it for the 4th time.

Cranberry extract!!!
This is generally our own berry !!! It must be drunk constantly and no infections of the genitourinary system will be scary !!! I even stopped swelling! I drink 1 capsule daily 3 times a day, I have already ordered another 180 capsules !!!

Cool stuff!
It helps well with urinary tract infections. True, it is better to increase the dose, it worked for me with 3 capsules, I drink 4. It is especially good to drink during the swimming season for prevention. In parallel, it is advisable to drink probiotics. I am satisfied, I will order more.

A good product!
I give this product to my dog! My elderly dog had a bladder infection that was not cured with antibiotics ... $ 300. This product took care of the problem.

How to buy products at a discount