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War in Ukraine. My children and granddaughters were evacuated to the west.
I am staying in Kyiv. I am a pensioner.
There is not enough money for food, as food prices have risen significantly.
Please help as much as you can.

Now Foods, Liquid Chlorophyll

Now Foods, Liquid Chlorophyll What is liquid chlorophyll?

- Chlorophyll liquid supports and stimulates blood formation
- Promotes tissue renewal and rapid wound healing
- Stimulates the body's immune system
- Removes excess drugs, fights toxins

Since ancient times, healers of all times and peoples have used chlorophyll, a green plant pigment, to treat skin wounds and ulcers.
Scientists from leading medical centers in different countries in recent years have discovered new medicinal properties of chlorophyll as a fighter not only against infectious diseases, but even against cancer.

At the beginning of the 20th century, scientists made a discovery: it was found that blood hemoglobin has a similarity in structure to chlorophyll, only in the first case, the protein structure is formed around the iron molecule, and in the second - around magnesium. Since then, chlorophyll has been called the blood of green plants.

The first scientific data on chlorophyll were published in 1940 in the professional journal American Journal of Surgical No. 49. Then it was scientifically proven that liquid chlorophyll accelerates the processes of tissue regeneration. But, unfortunately, it was a time of enthusiasm for antibiotics, and not only doctors, but also pharmaceutical companies gave them preference then.

However, we must pay tribute to dentists from the state of Michigan (USA), who for two decades have studied the effect of liquid chlorophyll on the microecology of the oral cavity. Dr. Robert Nara has developed a program for the prevention of dental caries using a toothpaste containing chlorophyll. The scientist correctly assumed that liquid chlorophyll, participating in photosynthesis, is most directly related to the production of oxygen. Namely, oxygen is the strongest antibacterial agent. This has been proven once again for those bacteria that cause tooth decay.

But not only local application of liquid chlorophyll attracts medical scientists. In 1976, Israeli scientists conducted successful experiments on mice with an experimental model of acute pancreatitis. In this case, various types of liquid chlorophyll administration were used. Previously, scientists from Japan proved the effectiveness of chlorophyll in infectious diseases.

But especially intriguing are the results of studies carried out by scientists in the state of Texas (USA) in 1979. The experimental mice were inoculated with a colon tumor according to the standard technique. As it turned out, mice fed a diet with chlorophyll extract did not develop tumors. This once again proves the old truth that the use of greens and vegetables prevents the development of cancer, primarily of the intestines. Japanese scientists have done a great job and studied about 60 species of plants and vegetables and proved that most of them have anti-carcinogenic properties. Moreover, it was found that heating and boiling deprives vegetables of these properties.

Dr. Chiu-Nan Lai of Anderson Hospital believes that liquid chlorophyll is the main anticarcinogenic factor. And, of course, all plants that are rich in chlorophyll have anti-mutagenic properties - Brussels sprouts, broccoli, spinach, alfalfa, chlorella, spirulina, wheat germ and barley.

In March 1950, medical scientist Howard Wescott made a scientific report that with regular ingestion of liquid chlorophyll, bad breath and skin odor disappears. The scientist conducted a number of clinical studies and proved that it is enough to take 100 mg of liquid chlorophyll per day (preferably in the morning) to get a good result (in about 90% of cases). Moreover, liquid chlorophyll deodorizes breathing and the oral cavity even after eating onions or after smoking.

In a hospital setting, liquid chlorophyll eliminates the odor of urine and menstrual flow.

According to the famous American scientist K. Birsher, chlorophyll is concentrated solar energy. It has a stimulating effect on various organs and systems - cardiovascular, pulmonary, gastrointestinal, kidney, etc. In addition, when it is used, hematopoiesis is activated, and nursing mothers have no problems with lactation, which has become especially relevant recently time.

And, of course, one of the most amazing properties of liquid chlorophyll is its antibacterial effect. Moreover, it does not matter whether we are talking about a common cold, acute sinusitis or chronic inflammation (chronic skin ulcer, cervical erosion), in all these cases, clinicians note certain positive changes. This is with the complete safety of the appointment of liquid chlorophyll both internally and locally. This action, as it turned out, is based on the activation of nitrogen metabolism in the body (activation of a positive nitrogen balance), and by the strength of the stimulating effect it is difficult to find a substance equal to chlorophyll.

What is liquid chlorophyll? This is the most common green pigment in plants, which carries out photosynthesis - the process of absorbing carbon dioxide from the air, this is the conversion of solar energy into chemical bonds and, above all, hydrocarbons (starch and sugars). Surprisingly, oxygen is released during photosynthesis. This is the Green Miracle of Nature. It is a pity that a modern person (including many doctors) does not take such a gift of fate seriously.

But pets just don't need to be reminded of this. Surely, you have often seen an amazing picture for a person how your cat chews grass.
Fortunately, the fascination with chemotherapy is now a thing of the past, and more and more doctors are turning to the green pharmacy.

All mammals, except for Homo sapiens, follow a green diet during illness. The healing power of green plants has been known since time immemorial. This is due to the high content of chlorophyll in them. By converting the energy of sunlight, chlorophyll plays a very important role in plant life. The scientific definition of chlorophyll is the green pigment that plants use to capture energy from sunlight and photosynthesize. Scientists have discovered an amazing similarity in the structure of the molecule of chlorophyll and hemoglobin - the main respiratory pigment in human blood. The only difference is that in the center of the chelate complex there is a magnesium atom in chlorophyll, and iron in hemoglobin. Therefore, chlorophyll is able to exert an effect on the blood similar to that of hemoglobin.

Hemoglobin and Chlorophyll Formulas Chlorophyll liquid protects and strengthens cell membranes, promotes the restoration of connective tissue, which helps in the healing of erosions, ulcers, open wounds. Chlorophyll liquid enhances the immune function of the body, accelerating phagocytosis.

In addition to these amazing qualities, chlorophyll is able to prevent pathological changes in DNA molecules. Some researchers believe that chlorophyll is able to protect cells from toxins and free radicals, thereby blocking cell mutations and preventing the first stage of healthy cells from becoming cancerous. Thus, they consider Chlorophyll to be an antimutagen and a primary cancer protector.

Chlorophyll contains vitamin K, which makes it an excellent tool for the prevention of urolithiasis, as it inhibits the formation of calcium oxalate crystals in urine. Chlorophyll removes toxins from the body and also acts as a mild diuretic.

Chlorophyll improves the health of the thyroid and pancreas. Helps with anemic conditions, regulates blood pressure, activates the intestines, reduces nervousness.

The most frequent source for the industrial production of liquid chlorophyll is alfalfa. Juice is obtained from fresh alfalfa leaves, which is dried using a special technology, then either packed into capsules, or a solution is prepared again. In terms of effectiveness, these forms are equivalent, but in the latter case, the product is absorbed much easier and the effect occurs faster.

Chlorophyll liquid is essential for people who receive little sunlight, for example, office workers and all those who live without a break in large cities.

In addition, liquid chlorophyll can be used for douching with Trichomonas colpitis, as well as for rinsing the nasopharynx and for various ENT pathologies.

Brief description of the action of liquid chlorophyll:
- Stops the growth of bacteria in wounds, anaerobic bacteria and fungi in the intestines
- Eliminates bad breath and improves body odors
- Supports healthy intestinal flora
- Stops tooth decay and gum inflammation
- Liquid chlorophyll counteracts the following diseases: colds, tonsillitis, tonsillitis, pyorrhea, gingivitis, stomach and intestinal ulcers, various skin inflammations, arthritis, etc.
- Participates in the synthesis of blood cells
- Boosts milk production in breastfeeding mothers
- Promotes tissue repair
- Counteracts radiation damage
- Activates the action of enzymes involved in the synthesis of vitamin K

Application: Take 1 teaspoon (5 ml) daily with 240 ml of water or juice.
Shake well before use.

Store in the refrigerator after opening.

Buy Now Foods, Liquid Chlorophyll, Mint Flavor, 16 fl oz (473 ml)

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From the first application I feel lightness, drowsiness disappears, my constant nausea has also passed, I feel very cheerful!
Now about what some people write about the smell of mold, the goods arrived on 01/10/19. NO mold smell !!! (Maybe you bought Liquid Chlorophyll from another company?) Smell of mint with distant notes of damp earth, but not mold !!! It tastes pretty decent, and if you add like me to mineral water, then in general you can imagine that you are drinking TARHUN)))
And I forgot to add: in the morning I wake up with fresh breath and the smell of sweat has disappeared, this is some kind of miracle!

Concentrated SUN ENERGY. Green blood of plants. The most interesting substance on Earth. We make a BEAUTY DRINK ourselves!
For the first time I tried chlorophyll in the Russian drug Chlorophyllipt. It was eucalyptus chlorophyll, with a high alcohol content, and I could not drink it, even despite the promised benefits.
And while traveling in Thailand, I drank with great pleasure their so-called "beauty drinks" with chlorophyll, which are sold there at every step in ordinary grocery stores 7-Eleven and the like, and I realized that chlorophyll can be delicious!
I was very pleased with the reviews of this chlorophyll from Now Foods and the promise of a mint taste. Everything is just like that! I am very glad that chlorophyll is now quite a pleasant beauty drink that I always have at hand!
Why is this not sold in Russia? After all, this is an absolutely amazing thing! Chlorophyll is called CONCENTRATED ENERGY OF THE SUN! Probably, even from the lessons of botany, everyone remembers that this is the green pigment of plants, the very substance that provides their green color. Chlorophyll captures solar energy and converts it into life energy. That is why Darwin called chlorophyll one of the most interesting substances on Earth - for its ability to synthesize organic substances from inorganic ones! But the most surprising thing is the similarity of the chlorophyll molecule to the hemoglobin molecule! The difference is in only one atom in the center! Hemoglobin has an iron atom in the center, chlorophyll has a magnesium atom! Everything! Here you will think once again about the creation of the world ... This similarity explains the effect of chlorophyll on the human body, similar to the action of hemoglobin.
Hence, at the exit we have the main beneficial properties of chlorophyll - the saturation of our blood with oxygen and the acceleration of nitrogen metabolism. And what is the acceleration of nitrogen metabolism? This is an increase in the rate of excretion of waste products of the cell, i.e. CLEANSING the whole body. Everything else is a consequence.
I will not bore you with the enumeration, because chlorophyll stimulates ALL of our organs and all of our vital systems. Note that this Now Foods chlorophyll is concentrated and simply unmatched for price-performance. For example, Nature's Way Chlorophyll has the same volume and about the same cost, but it is not concentrated, and there are only 16 servings! Now Foods has 94!!!
And try not to drip chlorophyll on your clothes - it doesn't wash well!

Super remedy for ENT diseases!
I ordered chlorophyll for myself. By the time the parcel was received, she was tormented by problems with her daughter's (3.5 years old) adenoids. The child did not breathe through his nose at all: not during the day, not at night, not at home, not on the street. Against this background - chronic bilateral otitis media. They did courses "cuckoo", antibiotics were given by one or the other, then in the nose, then in the ears, then in the mouth, then everywhere at once. After the abolition of the antibiotic, purulent snot returned on the second day and all over again. The lymph nodes in the neck are swollen to 3 centimeters in size. In general, a nightmare.
And then I read about the healing properties of chlorophyll in ENT diseases. I decided to take a chance and added this remedy to the daily rinsing of the nose. Began to dilute in boiled water and drip in the morning and evening, then mark it off, and also give a third of a teaspoon inside once a day. After 3 days, the snot became transparent. After a week and a half, they practically disappeared, the lymph nodes decreased. After two, the child breathes through his nose both night and day. The adenoids, until, of course, disappeared. We continue to drip, but now I am spreading this "green stuff" more strongly. The trend is chic. For a year of treatment with traditional and homeopathic remedies, such a result could not be achieved, it is a pity that I did not know about such properties of chlorophyll before.
By the way, it contains peppermint oil, which is also used in the treatment of adenoids.
After watching, my husband began to drip himself and in 4 days got rid of the chronic naphthyzine addiction.
Now everyone breathes freely. Hooray!

Great product!
Chlorophyll is a godsend! I drink it for a month, a teaspoon per glass of water on an empty stomach in the morning. The effect is super! Lightness throughout the body, cheerfulness, less tiredness, acne rashes have disappeared, hemoglobin has risen.
I love Iherb very much, I order a lot and often for myself, my family and friends, I have already tried a lot of things, and I only dream of trying many things.
I wish you health and pleasant shopping :) and remember: you cannot buy health, but we can buy something that will help preserve it!

And I also lost weight after application, take it - you will not regret it
An excellent product at an attractive price: the concentrate is enough for 94 applications, which is more than 3 months of use! The fragrance is not harsh, you should not be afraid of it, besides, chlorophyll can be diluted with juice!
In fact, I note an excellent tone, it is much easier to get up in the morning, the body practically does not smell of anything no matter what you eat, the intestines work like a watch!
In 3 weeks of taking, I lost 3 kg without any diets!
Increases hemoglobin, can be used for pregnant women and children!
Ideal supplement for gastrointestinal problems!
After a course of treatment, my mother has become 10 years younger!
Indoor plants can also be fed with a weak chlorophyll solution.!

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