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Now Foods, Sleep, Botanical Sleep Blend

Now Foods, Sleep, Botanical Sleep Blend - Has a tonic and calming effect on the central nervous system
- Reduces anxiety and nervous tension

- Valerian root extract
- With the addition of hops, passionflower and GABA
- Supports restful anti-aging sleep
- Does not contain GMOs
- Food supplement
- Vegetarian / Vegan
- Contains plant / herbal ingredients

Every person in his life has such periods when his nervous system is overstrained.
Most of us believe that daily stressful situations are an integral part of modern life. Troubles at work, family conflicts, financial difficulties and life difficulties are just some of the factors of psycho-emotional stress that a person faces every day.
The result is emotional imbalance, insomnia, anxiety, unexpected panic attacks, lethargy, irritability, and a tendency to frequent illnesses.

Therefore, the support of the body with nutrients and herbs is necessary for a person experiencing symptoms of stressful conditions. And first and foremost, this requires supplements that support the nervous system.

Now Foods has taken care of this. She has developed Now Sleep dietary supplement - a reliable remedy for anxiety, temporary emotional disturbances and insomnia.

Now Sleep is a combination of ingredients formulated to help you relax and fall naturally into restful sleep. Now Sleep contains hops, valerian, passionflower and GABA - traditionally used to promote calm relaxation and rejuvenating sleep.

Hops is better known to us as the main ingredient in beer. Hops are known to regulate appetite, support digestion, stimulate bile secretion and have an anthelmintic effect. It is especially good for heartburn and indigestion, anxiety and headaches. Hops are also an excellent remedy for insomnia.

Valerian is very popular for its relaxing effects on the body. It is the active ingredient in over 100 patented tranquilizers and hypnotics produced in Germany. Valerian helps to relieve anxiety attacks, muscle cramps caused by overexertion, menstrual cramps, and can also reduce the urge to smoke.

Passionflower - is one of the best tranquilizers. The Incas brewed a strengthening tea from it. This herb relieves stress and helps regulate sleep. It also has a positive effect on the nervous system, especially during the period of hormonal disorders. Passion flower is useful for conditions of anxiety, tension, headaches and insomnia. It is effective for frequent asthma attacks, involuntary seizures, climacteric anxiety and high blood pressure caused by a nervous condition.

GABA is a neurotransmitter that is normally produced in the brain, where its function is to relieve nervous tension.

Thus, Now Sleep relaxes the nervous system, helping you enjoy a restful night and waking up refreshed and energized in the morning.

Directions: Take 1-2 capsules one hour before bedtime.

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Great product. Calm and undisturbed sleep. Excellent!

I struggle with insomnia. These supplements help to relax my body enough to fall asleep. I went from three hours of uninterrupted sleep to over six hours of direct sleep. In the morning, I do not feel sleepy or weak.

I bought it for my husband to help him have a good night, he loved it, although I find the smell a little strong. He slept well and did not wake up tired. An excellent blend of herbs that help with sleep.

I order for my mother (70 years old). Takes every evening for almost a year. He doesn't even remember what a sleeping pill is. Falls asleep remarkably, restful sleep. Recommend!

But this drug came up perfectly.
Many dietary supplements have already been bought, both here on Ayherb, and in the city's pharmacies, but it seems that this one works better than anyone else, even better than melatonin. I drink one capsule at a time (at first - two), there is still an effect. An honest good product.

It really makes sleep easier and there is no noticeable side effect the next day. This is not as strong as some of the pharmacological options, but since it is a natural product, it seems like a better choice.

Soft but potent
Restful sleep, falling asleep within 30 minutes. The next day there is no heaviness and headache.

Good Remedy
I bought it as a normalization of the process of falling asleep. Because of stress it is difficult to fall asleep all the time in the head of thought. It really helped from the first day. As part of the herb, if there are no contraindications, then it works perfectly. I take it an hour before bedtime. It pleasantly relaxes you lie down and immediately sleep :)

Turned sleep pattern
This product made my adult son Abel sleep at night, had trouble falling asleep, stayed awake until 03-04 in the morning and then slept for half a day. Now his night and day are normal.

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