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Health and longevity

Health and longevity Do you want to look good until a ripe old age, not get sick, be active, enduring?

After all, it has long been no secret that health and longevity of a person directly depends on good nutrition, which should be aimed at neutralizing negative factors that reduce life expectancy and prepare the body to counteract them in the future.

Everyday self-prophylactic work to preserve health is becoming more and more important for a modern person.

Two key points in prevention - improving the quality of nutrition and cleansing (detoxification) = can really support us, preserve and strengthen our health, significantly reduce the risk of many "popular" nutritional (nutritional) diseases, and the need for their treatment!

The science of nutrition (nutriciology) is rapidly developing in modern conditions.
The existing standards for human needs for individual nutrients do not reflect the latest advances in nutritional science ...

The study of the actual nutritional status of the population shows that nutritional diseases associated with a deficiency of one or more nutrients are widespread among the population. According to the Institute of Nutrition, vitamin C deficiency in the winter-spring period is detected in 80% of the surveyed, and even in the summer is recorded at the level of 30%!

If a person's energy consumption is at the level of 2500 kcal, then with the most optimal diet, using products with a preserved biological value, the deficiency of basic nutrients is programmed at the level of 50% of the physiological norm.

Healers use the term body cleaning. For all its unscientific nature, the essence of the processes is reflected quite accurately. Scientific medicine will sooner or later take on the concept of detoxification (purification), since at the current stage of development there is simply no other way out.

Side effects of new, most modern drugs already often exceed the therapeutic effect - this is the dead end of medicine.

It happens that as a result of detoxification, specific treatment becomes unnecessary: the body, cleared of toxic accumulations, copes with the rest of the problems on its own!

Thanks to modern high technologies, medical and cosmetic products of natural origin are now available to mankind.
Many firms around the world manufacture such products.

Many companies around the world are currently producing and selling natural products and natural cosmetics.
Having achieved tremendous success in the production of products from medicinal herbs, the company produces a wide range of vitamins, biologically active food additives, medicinal and decorative cosmetics of the highest quality.

The use of natural remedies for the prevention of many diseases and increasing the effectiveness of their treatment is a certain degree of evolution of society's views on human health.

This site contains articles on best practices for achieving health and longevity and recommends the best products and tools for use.

It is possible and necessary to stay healthy for many years!

This requires your conscious actions and you will have both prosperity and health and longevity!